About Us

Hello and Welcome to Dia Living Wellness

We are Sumeera Rasul and Nadia Rasul, sisters with over eleven years of age difference between us. We both spent our early years growing up in Pakistan and have always been surrounded by healthy home-cooked food, principles of Ayurvedic wellness and intuitive nutrition. Our mom has always been a go to expert for her family, friends and neighbors when it comes to thinking of food as medicine, nutrition and cooking delicious food that’s good for you. She has inspired us to adopt this philosophy and habit in our own lives.

Dia Living is our home where you’ll find easy seasonal recipes, how to cook with healing herbs and spices, and simple ways to create long term health. Majority of our recipes are plant-based but we welcome anyone without judgement.

We created this place especially for women who lead busy lives and want a simple way to achieve nutrition, health and well-being. We’ve been there ourselves, and our hope is that we can inspire you to create a simple, nourished and vibrant life for long-term happiness.

Sumeera's story

Before starting Dia Living, I had a successful corporate career working as an executive in advertising, tech and consulting industries. My days were long with work often spilling into my weekends. My work hours routinely consisted of running from meeting to meeting, and being a type A personality, I was often anxious about not getting more done. For many years, I also suffered from gluten sensitivity, poor sleep, low energy levels and compromised gut health, despite eating healthy and working out regularly. Then, in 2017, I was diagnosed first with a debilitating viral induced asthma (caused by a superbug) and then Lyme disease. It took me about a very long year to get back to somewhat normal and was one of the hardest times in my life.

In the last year, I realized that my work life was not sustainable and was impacting my health in profound ways. In fact, looking back, I’m not sure how I stayed as healthy as I did given the stress levels and lack of sleep. Finally, in December 2019, I decided to leave the industry with a strong desire to align my life, health and values for a happier me. For many years my friends and co-workers have been coming to me for advice on nutrition and natural medicine. While I’ve always been passionate about using food as medicine, since my Lyme diagnosis, I’ve been doing deeper into science and lifestyle strategies to increase health span, well-being, self-repair and energy.

I’m currently working to get certified as a health coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m also an avid student of herbal medicine.

Fun Facts:

Education: I have my undergrad in Management Information Systems and a global EMBA from a joint program between New York University, London School of Economics and HEC Paris.

Age: I'm 46 years old.

Where I’m from: Born and raised in Pakistan. Have lived in the London and now in NYC with my husband who's Type 1 diabetic (and one of the healthiest people I know).

2020 goals: Always on a journey to simplify life and increase physical strength.

Favorite foods: Eggs, avocados, lentils and guavas.

Favorite dessert: Anything with dark chocolate. I don’t like too much sugar.



Thank you for taking the time to read through my story. I’m so happy you’re here…and I’d love to get to know you!