Organic Turmeric Golden Milk
Organic Turmeric Golden Milk
Organic Turmeric Golden Milk
Organic Turmeric Golden Milk

Organic Turmeric Golden Milk

Naturally reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels using the healing properties of turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. We've used the highest quality organic and responsibly sourced ingredients to create a delicious blend to help you reduce inflammation, and make you feel warm inside.

Inflammation is the root cause of many autoimmune and aging diseases. One of the key benefits behind turmeric is its ability to reduce chronic inflammation and speed up healing. Inflammation itself is not a bad thing, in fact it's an essential survival mechanism that helps our bodies fight illness and heal injuries. Essentially what we mean is, when there’s an infection or a physical trauma, we want this inflammation to signal our immune system to take action to heal us. However if there’s chronic inflammation, or inflammation in the wrong places, this can manifest into serious diseases such as asthma, arthritis, depression, ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, cancer, alzheimer etc. 

This unique warming blend can help

  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Lower pain
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Boost immune system
  • Fight cholesterol
  • Aids digestion
  • Fight free-radical cell damage


Turmeric*, Ginger*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Shatavari*, Malabar Pepper*


Amount per container: 8oz (226g) fine powder approx

Amount of servings: 87 servings approx (using 1tsp per serving)


1 heaping tsp in your favorite liquid (plant-based milk, smoothie, juice, tea or hot water) or healthy foods, like smoothies, soups and oatmeal. Add local honey or sweetener of your choice.

When do I drink this?

You can use Turmeric Latte during the day or night. We like to enjoy ours at night in a cup of warm coconut milk with a little local honey. Sometimes we also add it to our oatmeal, smoothies or yoghurt in the morning to help us get ready for the day ahead. 

Why do I need Turmeric Latte

Our blend is designed specifically to be gentle and effective. Our day to day lifestyle is often stressful and our diets lack the right nutrients to help us bring our inflammation levels down. Over time, this can build up and manifest in more serious diseases.  Each superfood in this blend has been carefully selected to create a powerful nutrient dense mix for an increased absorption by your body.